Create a personalized experience for prospects at scale

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  • Video Analytics
  • Marketing Automation

2016 – Present


Response from Cold Outreaches


Decrease in Close Time


Increase in Booked Demos

Start with a warm welcome from the team

I set out to make our cold outreaches feel warmer with an introduction from someone on our team. After the introduction, our team would launch a personal landing page in minutes for the prospect and our sales team would use it to gauge their interest.

Allow partners to easily introduce Flip.to

The partner page was created to easily allow our partners to introduce Flip.to to their customers. Our partners, like Siteminder, would use the personalized landing page to make the initial introduction and the prospect could easily reach out to book a demo.

Automate tasks with Zapier

Our team was having a hard time keeping up with managing our new outreach process, so I looked to Zapier to help automate repetitive tasks. Now, when a new lead comes in they’ll automatically be added to Salesforce and much more.