Highlight customer success stories

  • Content Creation
  • Video Production

2016 – Present

Inspiring guest stories

I created a series of videos to showcase the successes that our customers were having on our platform. I even created videos for hoteliers to share to their guests to thank them for being loyal advocates.

100 days of advocacy

We celebrated a special milestone with vacation rental company Thomas Beach Vacations as they close out Summer 2017 with introductions to more than 225K new travelers.

Celebrate a launch

These Caribbean properties have seen the incredible impact of advocacy on day 1 of launching the Flip.to marketing platform. This post helps show how other hoteliers can see big results in no time.

Automate production with Dataclay

Creating videos for specific properties to help showcase their success with Flip.to is a huge benefit, but the time it took to create the videos was posing a challenge. To solve the problem, I turned to Dataclay to create After Effects templates that would automate project customization with a simple interface that transforms text, footage, and solid layers into dynamic elements. We’re now looking to build this customization into our platform.

Impact videos

Adrift Hotel 1:18

Watch the incredible impact of advocacy for Adrift Hotel.

Crystal Lodge 0:46

Watch the incredible impact of advocacy for Crystal Lodge.

Turtle Bay 0:32

Watch the incredible impact of advocacy for Turtle Bay Resort.